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Published Date : 2018-10-08 (Modified Date : 2020-06-26)

Plant Quarantine Regulation and Monitoring Section

  • Phytosanitary Certification on the export and import of agriculture and forest products.
  • Propose for the necessary amendments and revisions for the effective regulation of the export and import of plants, plant products and their pests.
  • Prepare necessary guidelines and their implementation to prevent the pests from the internal and external imports and exports
  • Prepare necessary directives and their implementation of inspection, testing and treatments against the entry and establishment of pests.
  • Develop relevant mechanisms of coordination and collaboration with the technical stakeholders  
  • Identify relevant crops for the internal quarantine, prepare guidelines and revisit as deemed necessary.
  • Notification to the concerned nations on the phytosanitary measures applied according to the SPS agreement of WTO and other international commitments.
  • Provide the list of regulated pests to the WTO Member States and other trade partner countries.